Is Google Map Becoming a Social Network?

Google Maps

So are you ready to see the new changes Google Maps rolled out this Monday like the some introduced last month? First of all, be prepared to get used to of Google Maps all acting like an active social network. Make your digital bucket list as they are calling it and adapt to a handful of new things Google Maps have worked on and they are said to be working on even as we speak. So what do the new features give you? First of all, the first feature we are going to be mentioning is something everyone will appreciate and think where it has been all this time! a parking difficulty icon is now available and it indicates on your map when you are intending to park somewhere it will be difficult to find a spot. Look for a tiny red icon with a ‘p’ on it and you will know! Parking is always a problem and especially in big cities where you particularly rely on maps, it is very frustrating to reach some lane you can come out of easily and you find that there is either no parking at all or a parking that is completely full.

This feature will help larger cities that are densely populated and will keep the drivers away from getting them stuck in places as such and now along with the areas of heavy traffic which Google warns you about, you can find when you are going to get into a parking problem. Google Maps also brought in a favorite feature to the app that lets you save the places you wish to try and that too in separate lists. If you have some places to try and several places you just have to remember for some reason then all of these places can go in separate lists that they are calling digital bucket lists. This feature is something that was wanted from the Maps long time back because a majority of people do not like to switch apps for various purposes so in order to sort things out for the users Google Maps have now lists that not only you can save but you can also share it with friends, family and even strangers. Need to give recommendations for some spas or the ones you particularly like, share your list with them.

Make separate lists for movie theaters, shopping, food and places that you want to try and you do not want to forget. Best thing about the sharing parts is that you can share the lists on most popular social networking websites and messengers. Your Facebook friends, contacts on email and even the friends on whatsapp can receive your list and have a thorough look at it and can get benefits of the places that you recommend. Now you don’t even have to roam around showing relatives all those places they have been asking you about in your city or you will never forget or find it a hassle when someone asks you for recommendations for some place you visited in some other city. You can simply email the list, Whatsapp it or send it via email to any of your contacts without any difficulty.

Your lists will be available anywhere you go. You need your phone or your laptop or PC to access the list anytime. The lists will be available offline as well. If you are visiting a city and you have gathered all the recommendations for that city, download its map, mark the places, make lists and you are good to go. Now whether you are online or offline, you can access the map and find out all the places you have marked. Not just that when you are back and someone else you know is visiting they can also get benefit from your list and you can share it with them for which you have many options you can share it through. Now sharing is everything in Google Maps. Maps have just become more fun and well maybe it is more of a social networking thing now but who doesn’t like being more productive. Google maps had more things that needed to be solved like you can’t remove that start once you put it there and this needed to be taken care of.

There were many other silly things that were not corrected and their app reviews were swamped with complaints about similar things by multiple users. Finally, your favorite app is moving forward and is bringing about some major changes and upgrades and it will surely be more utilized this way. So now, when you have to go somewhere, you do not have to go and find that the parking s an impossible task here. You just have to plan ahead, before you leave home and find out all about the parking situation right before you leave home. No need to get stuck and curse the fate anymore. Your meetings that are time sensitive will not be missed or ruined because you can find out about the parking along with traffic way ahead of getting stuck. Best thing about this all is that some changes have already been rolled out and some are in process.

This means that we will have a whole new Google Maps experience starting from today if you haven’t already checked it and stepped out with your maps. Now get advantage of Google maps offline and online by downloading maps of an entire place and save places and favorites and share with them on the go on almost all sorts of social networking platforms, email and messengers easily and make things more convenient and spread your local knowledge more easily. As Google says, millions of local and faraway places are there to explore and there I no shortage of places to explore. Now that the whole world is mapped with Google maps, start making lists and sharing them and experience the best of Google Maps. Information By Dissertation Writing Services UK.