Future of Free Internet For World Project by Facebook

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In August 2013, Mark Zuckerburg shared 10 pages of white paper on Facebook. It was a call to action for the technology industries because, with the help of this white paper, Mark Zuckerburg announced that Facebook is going to help the people to connect with each other. The main argue of Mark Zuckerburg was that Facebook is going to provide free basic internet to people. Moreover, he had also explained that this will be possible in the next ten years. After some days, Facebook had also announced that they will try to fulfil this project in the form of internet.org.

According to a dissertation help firm, Internet.org is launched with the help of six partners. These partners are helpful for Facebook to share their knowledge, to mobilize the industry and to mobilize the governments in order to bring the world online. These companies are also working with mobile operators because these mobile operators are playing a leading role in bringing the world close to each other. Moreover, some academics of NGOs and experts of these companies are also involved in this project. Some essential initiatives of this project are explained below;

facebook internet

  • They are trying to provide affordable internet access to their users. For this reason, they are trying to develop high-quality android phones and these high-quality android phones are available at the lowest rates.
  • They are also working on preparing the low cost and high-quality hardware for users. For this reason, they are working on network extension technology that will be helpful for us to reduce the number of cell towers.
  • They are also trying to reduce the data requirements of different apps. Its reason is that if they reduce data requirements of different apps, it will be easy for them to reduce cellular data service plans. For this reason, they are working on preparing data compression tools and better data caching.

Now, a question comes to our minds that ‘Why are Mark Zuckerburg and other companies trying to connect the world?’. The answer to this question is that developed countries are using the internet as a major source for their GDP growth. According to estimation, it is observed that the internet has contributed almost 21% GDP growth in developed countries and this GDP growth is much larger than their agricultural and other industries GDP growth. Moreover, it has also created lots of job opportunities for people.

Now, the question is “How it will be possible for Facebook and other companies to achieve this goal?”. The answer to this question is divided into a few points. First of all, they are trying to build such mobile apps that can use fewer data and less power. Secondly, they are also working on such a project which will be helpful for people to provide free internet connections to people just with the help of a click. Nowadays, the average data used by android mobile phone is almost 12MB. In the future, they will reduce daily consumption of data to 1MB. Most of Facebook users are also facing lots of problems regarding mobile data use. In order to solve their problems, Facebook is using lots of tools and techniques like the use of air traffic control, prioritizing Wi-Fi and fine-tuning wake cycles for phones.