How Dependence on Technology Reduces Social Skills?

Technology Reduces Social Skills

Ever since technology has become an integral part of life, people have complained about how it is affecting the social interaction between people. This is true that too much use of technology has made us dependent on it and leads to reduced social skills, especially among youngsters. Research by dissertation writing services show that technology is taking us away from having normal, face-to-face conversations with people, and our social lives are now affected as most of us have our heads buried in our phones and other digital devices. This has not only cut us from people but also isolated us. We are no longer in a mood to talk to others and interact socially as for us social media is everything. It would not be wrong to say that technology has ruined us socially. Not only it is becoming an addiction, but it is also causing health problems that affect us mentally as well as physically.

Connection Between Technology And Social Skills:

Too much use of anything is not good in the long run, and so is the case with technology. The internet and social media addiction has proved to be a serious problem, as it is taking people away from their families, work, and studies and disassociating them with life on the whole.  Research has indicated that internet addiction can be linked to the changes in brain chemistry associated with the rewards of using the internet. Just like with any other form of dependence, technology dependence presents the problem of habituation or tolerance, which means the person grows accustomed to the high or the stimulation from the use of technology and must keep on doing it. These days people are only connected through social media platforms and technological devices, which is eliminating the need to meet or see each other. While they might be sharing everything they do on social media to the extent that the world knows what they are up to, yet they are not seeing each other face to face or know the real person behind the screen.

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Technology is only beneficial when it is used for the right purpose and at the right time, within limits.  The sad part is that the younger generation does not know much about rationalization, and like other things, they are using social media and technology more than it is required or should be used, and this is causing problems in our lives. We might be getting closer to people on the internet, but the reality is that we are moving further apart from our families and loved ones. Technology only helps us see the big and better picture and not the sad or lonely picture, which is reality. 

Studies have shown the younger people are completely taken over by technology, and this is the main reason behind their lack of empathy, understanding, and realization. They do not possess the skills to live most socially in a community. Teenagers prefer to stay online than going out or hanging out with their friends or family, and thus, they do not know how to behave with people when they go out or when they start looking for jobs.

How Technology Reduces Social Skills:

Psychologists believe that social networking and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are closely connected; people who devote all their time to social media suffer from various mental disorders.

  • Too much use of technology can lead to social incompatibility and inconsistency in behaviour.
  • It can also cause aggressive behavior as these people are no longer capable of maintaining normal relations with other people.
  • Excessive use of technology can also cause a delay in social and emotional development as they have no idea how to live in a society.

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The time and energy that people invest in social medial and technology affect their personal and social wellbeing. A recent study has reported that there has been a steady decline in the social engagement of people who spend too much time on the internet and social networking platform as they no longer take the pains of organizing a dinner party or catching up with old friends as they are much happier staying online and staying in their virtual world.

It is important to note that when people are social, it has a positive effect on society.  Social people are healthy, happy, and content, but people who become anti-social become more paranoid, distrustful, and obsessed, making them vary of every person they meet or come in contact with. It is essential to remember that when we become dependent on technology, it diminishes the physical, emotional, and psychological health of the people.