10 Tips About How to Write a Conclusion for Research Paper

A conclusion is a key part of a research paper and you must come up with the most interesting and sensible conclusion to bring an end to your research paper. With help of a good conclusion, you can close your argument and point and convince the readers of what you have trying to explain in your research paper.

Here are top 10 tips about how to write a conclusion for research paper.

Tip # 1 – Restate the topic and make sure that you explain why it is important. However, you also need to know that you must not spend a lot of time restating the topic as it will only take up the limited time that you have to write your conclusion.

Tip # 2 – Restate the thesis as it is an important part of the conclusion and you must tell that readers what they have been reading throughout and reinforce the idea that you have been pursuing all this time to convince the readers.

Tips # 3 – Summarize the main points of the research paper so that you remind the readers all that you discussed in the main body of discussion. You can do this by re-reading the topic statement or each major paragraph and going through it.

Tip # 4 – You must remember not to mention any new information in the conclusion because it will only end up confusing the readers. When you bring in new points, it means new discussion and it will not serve the purpose of conclusion.

Tip # 5 – Add up all the points and make sure that you explain all the points and their significance so that the conclusion brings an end to all these points in a comprehensive manner.

Tip # 6 – Address the important issues that you have addresses in your paper so that you can fill up the conclusion with all the relevant details and also help the readers agree with what you have said before. It will also help in giving a call of action to the reader if needed in certain cases.

Tip # 7 – You must always remember to stick with the basic synthesis of information and it should be closest to the introduction as you are again saying the same thing and trying to convince the readers of what you have already said before.

Tip # 8 –Don’t repeat all the previously used information in the same words or phrases but try to come up with new words to repeat your thesis and supporting points that ties them all together and provide readers with the same information in a different way to help them convince of what you have been talking about.

Tip # 9 – Close your conclusion with logical opinionthat is also backed by evidence because you cannot afford to talk about things that do not have any backing. Make sure you provide enough information to make things clear to the readers but in a brief manner as you are on the verge of bringing an end to your paper.

Tip # 10 –Provide reference material for further reading for readers who might be interested as this is a key part of writing conclusion.