Explain the Impact That Storms Can Have on River Landforms

Impacts of Storms on River Landforms

A storm is a severe weather condition that creates a disturbance. Some significant disturbances of the environment come into storms like a strong wind, thunder, heavy freezing rain, floods, lightning and strong winds etc. These storms can potentially affect lives and property. Due to these storms, it is also difficult for human beings to perform some recreational activities. Usually, these storms are created due to the centre of low pressure with the system of the high pressure around it. Here, experts of masters dissertation writing services will discuss the impact of storms on the river landforms.

No doubt, there are lots of impacts of storms on river landforms. The most severe impact of the storm is in the form of injuries and loss of lives of the people. As these storms come suddenly, therefore, people don’t have enough time to save their lives. As a result, lots of people are died due to these storms. The second impact of these storms is in the form of drowning. These storms drown each and everything. The third impact of these storms is in the form of the destruction of the buildings. Some buildings are destroyed and some buildings are damaged as a result of these storms.

The electric lines are also damaged due to these storms. Due to the damage or destruction of these electric lines, the supply of electricity is also damaged in these areas. As we have discussed earlier that flood is also a type of storm. Due to flood, sewage is released in the surrounding areas. This sewage can become a cause of severe diseases. Due to these floods, the water supplies are also contaminated. As a result, the residents face lots of difficulties to find pure water for drinking purpose. As a result, they have to drink dirty water and this dirty water can create lots of diseases among the people.

All of these are the primary impacts of storms. Along with these primary impacts, there are also some secondary impacts of these storms. In these secondary impacts, first, there comes homeless of the people. Its reason is that their houses are damaged and destroyed and they are not able to find out the best places for shelter. The second impact is that people are not able to find out the best sanitation facilities. As a result, lots of water-borne diseases are created in society.

These storms can also damage the road and rail networks in these areas. Due to the destruction of the road and rail networks, it is difficult for the government to provide aid to these people. All the businesses in these areas will also be destroyed. This destruction of the businesses will become a cause of unemployment in these areas. No doubt, due to these storms, the crops and livestock will also be destroyed in these areas. Due to the destruction of crops and livestock, there creates a shortage of food and lots of people die due to the shortage of food.

We can only save human lives by showing immediate responses to tropical storms.