Organization Theory And Change Management Strategy

What is organization theory?

All the techniques and the efforts that are made to analyze an organization is known as the organizational theory. The basic aim of studying the organizational theory is to formulate the different groups of the people in order to manage the needs of an organization. In the organization theory, there come the different things like the design and the structure of the theory, the relationship of an organization with the other organizations, and the behaviour of the different managers within an organization. The basic aims of studying the organizational theory are explained below;

  • To understand the basic concept of dividing the whole work of an organization into the different chunks and how to assign the work to the managers and the workers of an organization.
  • How to provide the incentives to the different employees on their performance level?
  • How to train the different workers on the scientific basis?
  • How to assign the individual responsibilities to all the workers in an organization?
  • How to achieve the outcomes of an organization before the deadline?

What is the change management strategy?

Before going to get an idea about the strategy that is adapted for the change management, we should try to get an idea about the change management and its importance. The process of using the new ideas in order to enhance the production level within an organization is known as the change management. The importance of the change management is that the companies or the organizations are able to overcome the daunting challenges in the field of the business. To implement the change management strategy is not an easy task. If you want to get help regarding the change management strategy, then you can contact with the dissertation writing services. The best tips to implement the change management strategy are given below;

  • In the first step of implementing the change management strategy, you should try to tell the people about the change that you are going to make in your company or organization.
  • After familiarizing the people with the change, you should try to get the views of the people on that change.
  • The process of the change management should be easily understandable to the audience. There is no need to use any kind of the complicated terms in it.
  • There are two major cases in the change management strategy. The first case is known as the rational and the second case is known as the emotional. You should try to combine these two cases together.
  • The change management strategy should base on the novice and the unique ideas. These novice and unique ideas will be interesting and these ideas can become the cause of achieving the required outcomes.
  • Most of the companies implement the change management strategy without engaging the team members. This is not the best way to implement the change management strategy.
  • You should also try to leverage the formal as well as informal solutions to the most common problems that an organization is facing.