Managing Strategically – Management and Organisational Control

Management is the key of a business to run it successfully, management is required for all type of businesses either it’s profit based or non—profit and strategic management is aimed for the development of whole business both in terms of business operations and revenue generation (outcome decisions for non-profit organizations). These are the key functions of management including planning, organizing, leading and controlling, where, controlling is the last but this is the one that ensures the success of all other functions.

Today’ world is focusing on management by the objective that is an approach to management that allows managers to put their efforts in achieving organizational goals with the optimum level of outcomes by utilizing all available resources. So the organizational control is the part of all management levels and types either it is management by objective or strategic management at the top level of the organizational hierarchy. The process of organizational control starts from the development of rule and guideline for performing activities at the workplace and the rules are developed with a high consideration of department and employee work process. The key control areas of a business are finance, staff behaviour and performance, activities of each department. The control process is aimed to control the activity of each individual and department in the organization and motivating them to work towards achieving organizational goals.

Procedures for Financial Activities

Finance management is the key internal business activity that needs to be controlled and regulated through defined procedures; no doubt for financial activity record and measurement there are international standards but companies develop their own control measures under these international standards. These financial controls require adding budgeting of each department and involving managers of all departments to coordinate and discuss the financial requirements and returns for the target of each department. Further financial controls also consider the regular reports of different departments like production department in terms of profit and loss or total cash-flow, expenses in the financial period. Measuring that these activities have occurred under the defined procedures and budgets are also part of the organizational control.

Controlling Brand Image

Businesses are performing set of activities to manage their revenues according to the target and for this purpose, they need to closely monitor and control the activities of branding and results of brand development and maintenance efforts. So in organizational control, management needs to make the decision about promotional budgets, pricing and distribution in terms of branding. This is aim to control the consistent delivery of the brand message to the target audience that helps to maintain sales and revenues of the organization.

Legal Considerations

Here, a business needs to control all activities or business operations to check the activities are performed according to the legal boundaries of a state. Ensuring the application of legal regulations at the workplace is important and a key part of the organizational control process. Management needs to control the organizational environment in terms of developing a secure and safe work environment for all employees, for this purpose management develops security and safety measures and policies to ensure the application of legal regulations.