What Illegal Cutting Of Trees Causes The Environment?

No one can deny the importance of trees for the existence of life on the Earth. As we know that Oxygen is considered as one of the essentials of life on the Earth and we get this Oxygen from the trees. Moreover, these trees also absorb Carbon dioxide which contributes a lot to global warming. Unluckily, we are cutting the trees for our selfish needs. As a result, lots of environmental problems are creating day by day. If you are not able to write an assignment about the environmental effects of deforestation, get help from experts in dissertation writing services. Some causes of illegal cutting of trees on the environment are given below;

  • Greenhouse gas emissions

It is a fact that Carbon dioxide and Methane are the major sources of trapping heat into the environment. This becomes a cause of different changes in the environment. On the other hand, if we grow lots of trees, these trees absorb these gasses and they contribute a lot to global warming. If we are cutting the trees illegally, it means that we are increasing the amount of Carbon dioxide and Methane in the environment. This leads to the emission of greenhouse gas.

  • Soil Erosion

After cutting the trees from the forests, we are clearing the land of these forests. As a result, there occurs soil erosion. After that, the sun’s heat will dry up the moisture. After drying up the moisture, the nutrients will be evaporated and this thing will give birth to the bacteria. The bacteria will break down all the organic matters. Due to rain, the surface of the soil will be washed up and erosion takes place. The rain washes this surface into the rivers and lakes. As a result, there is a possibility that the water level of the rivers will be increased and this thing can become a cause of floods too.

  • Biodiversity losses

It is a fact that the forests are the habitat of lots of plants and animals. The deforestation means that we are finishing the habitat of these plants and animals. If we are doing forestation at the larger place, it means that the entire species will be extinct. This is known as biodiversity loss. That’s why a huge amount of species are lost and there are also some species which are endangered due to deforestation. According to research, due to deforestation, millions of plant and animal species are near extinct.

  • Floods

The deforestation is also a cause of floods. Its reason is that the trees are the main sources to maintain the surface of the forests and mountains. If we are cutting the trees, then this surface will not be maintained and it will wash to the nearby rivers and lakes. This is known as soil erosion and this soil erosion can become a cause of floods. On the other hand, the trees absorb the water and this water is stored in their roots. The deforestation can also become a cause of disrupting the flow of water.