How to Improve Domain Authority and Page Rank of Website?

Improve Domain Authority

Domain authority and page ranking of the website is a metric that highlights your visibility on the Google Search Engine. Having higher domain authority is good to increase search engine results. The basic score of domain authority is 0 to 100 which shows your ranking in search engine. Domain authority was developed by Moz. Follow the tips that are given below by experts of a dissertation writing service in order to improve domain authority and page rank of a website.


Optimize Your On-Page Content

Optimizing on-page content can improve your domain authority. Make sure that content is high-quality written and error-free. You can bold, underlines and italics to decorate content writing. Having better quality on-page content will give you more site links. Check that your content is relevant, well-written, creative and informative. Use keywords in your On-Page content.


Remove Bad And Toxic Links

Check your link profile and remove bad and toxic links, because, it can damage to your domain authority. Finish all the backlinks that are hurting to your domain authority. Although, checking the list of the backlinks is a time-consuming task, yet, you can get help from the SEOPressor’s Link manager. Improving your domain authority will give high ranking to your website in the search engine console.


Keep Your Website Mobile-Friendly

A large number of online users are getting access to your website through a mobile device. If your domain is not optimized for the mobile user then you will not able to improve its authority. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. By mobile research engine ranking, you can get a lot of visitors. In order to check your domain mobile-friendly, you should use a Mobile-friendly test by Google developer page. It will give you accurate information about your mobile-friendly optimization.


Work On Your Off-Page SEO

Having a good profile is incredibly useful to improve the domain authority. Strong link profile means that your incoming links are from the related website and these links are not low-quality links. Check that you are receiving links from the unique domains. Make a strong profile to improve your off-page SEO. Reach out to the other webmasters to get good links.


Work On Your Technical SEO

Although technical SEO is low-level SEO, yet, it is extremely advantageous to improve your domain authority. Check your domain is register via Google search Console or Bing Webmaster tools. Optimize your XML sitemap. Try to move around your domain to https.


Improve Your Page Speed

By improving your page speed, you can improve your domain authority. If your website is load faster then it is beneficial for you. Having high page speed will give a better experience to your users and it will increase your visibility.  You can remove useless plug-in to improve your page speed. Keep upgrading Word Press and use its latest versions. Using a caching plug-in and optimize the size of images. Using a streaming service for social media also can increase page speed. Use a content delivery network for images.


Promote Your Content Through Social Media

Sharing your content on social media tools can improve your domain authority. Create a face book page and upload your content. Social media signals are not the basic part of the Google Ranking, however, having strong social media increase your ranking. For gaining social media signals, you should try to increase your followers. Give the option of sharing your content, in this way you can improve your visibility.


Guest Posting

Another best method to improve your domain authority is a guest post. By guest posting, you will able to increase referral traffic. Guest post is beneficial than blog commenting. For guest posting, you should create good and high-quality content. Always give preference to the relevant links. Post your articles on high authority sites.


Increase Publishing Frequency

Keeping updated to your blog is useful for your domain authority. Most bloggers lost their traffic, because, they are not consistent. Try to share informative and productive content for your readers. Give new ideas and generate trust among the visitors. Check your domain authority continuously.