5 Emerging Professions of 2020 Onwards

Due to lots of advancements in the field of demographics and technology, it is expected that the labour market will be totally changed. According to estimation, almost 5 million people will lose their jobs due to demographic and technological advancements. According to the report of the World Economic Forum, in 2020, it is also expected that almost 7.1 million jobs of white-collar offices and administrative will be lost. Moreover, this report has also provided enough idea about the emerging professions in 2020. Here, we will discuss 5 emerging professions of 2020 and onwards with the help of assignment writing services UK providers.

  • The data analyst will be in demand

The process of cleansing, transforming and modelling the data for the purpose of acquiring the required outcomes of information is known as data analysis. A data analyst is helpful for a businessman to take some scientific decisions and to help the businessman to operate in an effective way. Till 2020, data analysts will become the most important experts in almost all the industries. The main responsibilities of a data analyst are given below;

  1. A data analyst will work with the technology and management teams in order to set and acquire the required outcomes
  2. A data analyst will be able to mine the data from the primary as well as secondary sources
  3. In order to get rid of irrelevant information, he will also dissect and clean the data
  4. He will also provide data reports to the management teams
  • Computer and mathematical jobs

In 2020, the jobs that fall under the occupations of computer and mathematical will also grow. In these jobs, first of all, there comes computer programming. A computer programmer is a person who can design and manipulate new computer programs. Secondly, there comes a software developer. A software developer is a person who can create some computer software. He is also responsible for the coding of the software. Thirdly, there comes an information security analyst. It is expected that in 2020, all the data of the companies will be installed on the computers. Under such a situation, information security analysts will be in high demand. Its reason is that these information security analysts can measure and safeguard the computer systems of a company. For the protection of the information, they can easily install firewalls and data encryptions.

  • Architects and engineering jobs will remain stable

As we know that during the previous four years, the jobs of the engineers and architectures are increased. Till 2020, these jobs will further increase. According to the report of the World Economic Forum, till 2020, 2 million jobs for the architectures and engineers will be created. It is clearly mentioned in this report that these engineers will be specially required in the fields of biochemical, robotics and nanotechnology. The robotic engineers will be in high demand. Its reason is that lots of robots will be required in almost all fields of life. These engineers are required to manipulate these robots and to ensure the functionality of these robots.

  • More specialized salespeople will also be needed

As we know that till 2020, almost all the industries will be disrupted due to the lots of advancements in the field of technology. Therefore, specialized salespersons will be in high demand. Its reason is that these specialized salespersons can easily explain the offerings of companies to lots of customers. For example, if a company creating mobile phones, it requires such salespersons who have enough idea about the ins and outs of mobile phones. Its reason is that these experts can easily explain the offerings of this company to a wide range of customers.

  • Product designers are not going anywhere

In the future, human beings will be replaced by the robots at the workplaces but the creative persons will also remain in high demand. In order to compete with the products of a company, it is necessary that the products of your company should be more reliable and affordable than the products of your competitors. The robots will never be able to generate such ideas that are helpful for the companies to create such products. Therefore, in 2020, products designers will also be in high demand.


Due to lots of advancements in the field of technology, it is expected that in 2020, lots of jobs will be replaced by robots. Therefore, we should get an idea about the emerging professions of 2020. Top five emerging professions of 2020 are data analysts, computer and mathematical jobs, architecture and engineering jobs, specialized salespeople and product designers. In other words, if you want to survive yourself at the workplaces in 2020, you will have to acquire some skills and you will have to be creative.