How to Make a WordPress Multisite Website for Blogging

How to Make a Wordpress Multisite

A word press multisite website for blogging is not an essential requirement for blogging, but it can be useful for the websites that want to divide their content into individual channels. If you are thinking of creating a multisite website for your blogging you must keep in view the fact that it can involve a little more maintenance than using a single blog.

If you have made your mind to create a word press multisite website let’s discuss the process. There are several steps involved in the process. We will move step by step so that it may be an easier for you to understand.

Install-Multisite Word press

If you are installing a multisite WordPress website following requirements should be kept in mind:

  • You already have an installation of WordPress.
  • All plugins are deactivated.
  • You should take a complete backup of your WordPress installation.
  • Now you have to download a copy of your wp-config.phpand .htaccess file to your computer using an FTP program.

Allow Multisite in wp-config.php and .htaccess file

  • Once you have saved the files locally open them with your text editor.
  • Open the file wp-config.php, and add the line
    define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true) before the first line

Save the file wp-config.php

  • Now you have enabled the multisite feature in your WordPress installation. But the process is not complete yet. The next step is to install the network

Install the Network

  • You will choose your network name and network admin email address.
  • Click the install button.
  • You are now provided with code specific to your site to insert into the wp-config.phpand .htaccess files. Follow the instructions and add this code to the local versions of the files and then upload them to your web server.
  • You must note that the code required for the wp-config.phpmust be placed before the first line that begins with require or include just as it was with the previous code addition.

Network Settings

  • When you changed the wp-config.phpand the .htaccess, log into your WordPress admin area again.
  • In the upper admin bar, you now see the new menu Network Admin.It’s always displayed, so you can always enter the admin area of the network, no matter on which site of network you are.
  • Below the network administration, all sites of the network are listed to which you were added. By clicking on the names, you enter the back ends of these sites.
  • Now that you have configured the multi-site installation of WordPress you can now add new sites to the network.

Creating a Site

You can create sites manually or you can install a plugin that lets users create their own. Following are the steps to manually create a site.

  • Go to the network admin screens by clicking on My Sites > Network Adminin the admin menu.
  • Go to Sites > Add New.
  • Type in the site address (i.e. the subdomain or subdirectory), the site title and the email address of the site administrator. 

You can also customize the following settings in the multisite:

  • The title of your network
  • The network admin’s email address
  1. Registration Settings: whether users can register accounts and/or sites, whether site admins can add new users, and email domains and site names which are banned.
  2. New site settings: the content of the welcome email for site admins and users and the first page, post and comment created on new sites.
  3. Upload settings: file types permitted and maximum file size
  4. Language settings: the default language
  5. Menu settings: enable or disable the plugins menu item for site admins. If you disable this they won’t be able to activate or deactivate plugins.

Multisite can be helpful in the process of blogging but its management is a difficult task. These sites will store a vast amount of data and receive millions of visits across their network every day. Clearly this isn’t something your site can handle if it’s installed on a shared server with a cheap hosting plan, so as your network grows you’ll need to make changes to the way you manage your data and serve up content to accommodate the extra data and traffic.

It should be noted that multisite made you wordpress a more powerful tool. You can create more than one site with a single wordpress installation which helps you to keep all of your sites at one place and if someone else is creating sites you can make money from them.

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