How You Can Start Blogging through Your Mobile

Start Blogging through Mobile

In the modern era of science and technology smart phones have taken a larger part of our lives. Whether we are moving from one place to another or interacting with each other we analyze that smartphones are a part of our each and every activity. People are so much focused towards their smartphones that they even don’t realize what has happened next to them? This small device being easy to handle is the major priority of individuals who have to travel various places regarding their work. Smartphone can be a beneficial part of our office lives as well if used with a purpose to enhance workability. These phones are used now days for reading journals, writing articles, editing and proofreading as well.

Now days blogging has become a great way to share your ideas and experiences with the world. As everyone is leading a busy life in the modern world running from one place to another for business and household chores, it can be a challenging task to update our blogs on daily basis. It is because of that, in order to manage and recondition their blogs many people have turned to their smartphones. There are some apps that may be helpful for blogging on the smartphone, which are as follows:

WordPress: If you want to blog from your mobile phones the WordPress is amazing app as it is very helpful in desktop publishing process and lets you publish text, photos and videos from your device. The one you have to take care of is to keep your copy simple as it may cause problems with formatting text and HTML.

Blogger: Another useful app that can be very helpful in composing, editing and publishing the posts. It is an efficient app simple to use and configure.

CoveritLive: It is another app which helps you to cover an event or when you collaborate with others. But these apps are not effective for the quality of your content. These are only platforms on which you can publish your site. To provide quality work in your blog and to manage it depends on your capabilities that how good are you at using modern technologies to run your blog. Here are some ways from which you can blog through your phone:

E-mail Blogging

You can use your email to publish your blog on WordPress. This only needs some changing in the admin settings. While posting through the email the title is mentioned in the subject line and the body goes in the body of an email.

Blogging with Flickr

Emailing posts may be easy but to attach multimedia to you blog can be a challenging task. For this purpose you may need a photo portfolio site like Flicker, which allows you to share your photos both to your blog and photo sharing service Flicker. Moreover there are apps for video blogging and sharing events in your blog that made it easier to run a blog from your mobile.

Running a blog on smartphones can be interesting and fascinating task if handled wisely. You can make your smartphone a useful tool for blogging. It is estimated that over 207.6 million people use search engines only in the U.S. It is easier to use your smartphones while searching for something that is trending or questioning your senses. The browsers on the smartphones are valuable in the regard that they provide you with instant information in a little device. They also allow you to save pages and make bookmarks. So everything you need for your blog is there in your hands.

According to a coursework writing service, while blogging on your smartphones, social media can be prove as a powerful tool for the progression of your blog. In these days everyone is attached to the social media through one way or the other. It has become a necessity in the modern life. Each individual is connected to it. It shapes people’s opinions, their likes and dislikes and even effects their way of living. When you start blogging on your smartphone you can take assistance from the social media to make your blog active. Social media enables you to communicate with your followers. You don’t need much time to reply to your followers through your phones another much appreciated use of smartphones to run a blog.

If your busy routine does not allow you to sit and type at a computer the smartphones has an alternative for this. Yes, voice to text posts are a solution to your problem. This feature changes your recorded voice to text so don’t have to worry about typing. All these features make smartphones a better choice for blogging. But the content of the blog solely depends on you. You can brainstorm, make outlines to plan for your future blog. Think about the various possibilities and as soon as an idea come to your mind take out your smartphone and make a draft to use it later on.

At last, to construct a better look to your blog you will also need some other application like text editor and graphic content editor to mark it with more attraction and make it more appealing. You can install these apps in your smartphone and can make changes to your articles by proofreading and ornament it. It is very much possible that you can manage a blog through your phone. If you are at ease to use technology then it is much easier and convenient for you to run a blog from your smartphone.