Software That Can Convert Your Handwritten Notes To Editable Text

Handwritten Notes To Editable Text

Are you sick of writing down notes on your lessons and then typing them again on your tablet or computer using the old school method? Now, there is OCR technology that can extract the text in a PDF or photos and convert the document to Word or another formatting. Let us show you some useful applications or software to convert handwritten notes to editable text:

  • Pen To Print

This software system will scan and acknowledge and additionally rework any written notes into digital text that may be altered, searched in and saved in any browser or cloud service also. currently you’ll be able to use your mobile device to scan any written notes, emails, faculty notes, diaries, meeting notes or any protocols, looking list, recipes, etc. then convert it. Told by a dissertation writing service, this app would be an honest answer for college students with faculty notes and assignments and is additionally helpful for exchanging meeting notes and protocols.

  • Pen Reader

This is a perfect app to transform any text picture or handwritten notes. This software can transform any handwritten text to the highest-precision print type in seconds. All you need is to insert a whole word with letters written on top of each other. You can also save your word in the user dictionary and any word you enter that is not included in the dictionary will be added to your dictionary automatically when you tap the word in the hint field. This app also has a spelling test feature that will help prevent any mistakes.

  • Mazec

It’s also a nice app, which is an app that recognizes English handwriting. This feature gives you the freedom to handwrite feedback to your keyboard in any of the applications on your computer instead. This app provides you with a simple alternative to handwriting the message instead of using your keyboard whenever you want to send emails, share social media, making notes, etc. Download this app now and get your job done quickly and easily.

  • Text Scanner

Text app Android 2020 is best in handwriting. You can convert and view the URL or any phone number written in magazines or brochures using this device. This device offers the highest read speed in the world and also the highest read accuracy in the world. This software supports over 50 languages and allows handwriting of all kinds. This app can be used in URL access, phone call, and clipboard copy, send an email and save to google drive, keep mobile, and share it with Google+, hangout, etc.

  • Handwriting OCR

It’s also nice software and this software can identify hand-written text from notes, emails, whiteboards, essays, forms and every other source. This software will make you more successful by actually taking pictures of handwritten notes rather than transcribing them. This handwritten OCR works like white sheets, yellow sticky notes, and whiteboards with various surfaces and history. The only downside of this device is that it only comes in English.

  • Nebo

Nebo is a great Windows PC application that lets you take notes down, edit and convert them. Users will create notes and headings with it, using names, bullets, and paragraphs. Besides that, you can annotate pictures, add diagrams, equations, and more. It also includes many languages including English, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, and Korean. Additionally, users can export the file in Document, PDF, text or HTML format.

  • Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Feedback will help you write text using your Android app if you regularly use your Android device. This program includes typed and cursive writing with or without the stylus. As it comes with multiple emojis, users can express their emotions. Android devices running version 4.0.3 and up will work without any problems. You can check all detail on it by accessing the Google business website.

  • Penultimate

It’s also fine handwriting for the iPhone 2020 text app, and enables natural handwriting and sketching with the help of sync and search from Evernote. You can take the class or meeting notes with this app, record your thoughts and outline your best new idea too. This app will make your usage of pen and paper experience more productive. This app lets you work effortlessly on any part of the web. You just need to pinch the page to zoom in or out of the screen and start writing. You can synchronize your notes with Evernote by simply signing into your Evernote account in the penultimate app to arrange your penultimate notes in your notebook, project, separated by subject and vice category

Turning your notes to digital format is a good idea. Without these services, let’s go back to the days, we can find it hard to recall what we’ve written before and it may not be easy to share our notes. But now with an OCR app for handwriting, it’s getting easier to take notes. This can be accurately recognized particularly with Nebo even when the handwriting isn’t good.