How Climate Of Earth Is Becoming Most Dangerous For People

Dangerous Climate Change For People

We, humans, are most responsible for climate change. Now, climate change is not only affecting humans but wildlife and marine life too. We are bearing the consequences of our negligence. Climate change was nothing about some 3o years ago. Now it has become our most dangerous issue. We are facing the hazards of climate change in our daily lives yet seem to ignore it. Climate change happens when Earth gets depleted of its natural resources. The planet is getting hotter, sea-level is rising and ice sheets are melting by each passing day. Here, we should not confuse Global Warming with Climate Change. Climate change is a term that is most widely used by scientists and experts to describe major climate shifts. It is a much broader term than global warming. The phenomenon of the green-house effect happens when most of the sun’s heat is trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. This results in pollution and higher temperatures. This is how the climate of the Earth is becoming more dangerous for people:

Climate Change Affects Health Of People:

Studies by assignment writing services show that climate change is posing a serious threat to the health of people. With every passing year, more and more people are becoming victims of diseases caused by climate change. Health professionals are always warning us of this problem. But this issue seems to go unnoticed. Not much work is done to tackle this problem. Poor countries cannot afford this and Developed countries are not paying heed to this problem. The melting of ice sheets also causes serious diseases.

This happens when we burn excess fossil fuels. This has been going on around for a lot of time now. But now we are facing its wrath. We burn fossil fuels without any limit and it contributes to the Green-house effect. It is causing serious health problems like respiratory diseases, skin and eye infections, etc. Smog is the living proof of this threat that we face every year. Climate change not only affects our physical health but also mental. Increasing temperatures can lead to stress and anxiety. And it is backed by scientific research now. 

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Cyclones And Floods:

We have always had floods, storms, and hurricanes going around. But now it is more serious than ever. Cyclones force people to leave their homes and shelter. Southern Africa was most had hit by cyclones and hurricanes in the last one or two years. It was so severe that it not only affected the people living close to the coasts but also people living far away. People were left with no food and shelter. Climate change affects all of us no matter poor or rich. Poor people get the hardest hit by these catastrophes. They are left at the mercy of rich people. Cyclones damage homes, crops, food, and water of people facing it. Now, cyclones are also approaching the parts of the world which were never hit by cyclones and hurricanes in history.  Rising sea levels due to global warming are the main cause behind these cyclones. 

Our Antarctic ice sheets are melting rapidly. It is causing a serious rise in sea level and rivers slowing. It leads to flooding. South Asia was hard hit by floods in the last years. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh face serious flooding every. It is said that almost one-third of Bangladesh was underwater due to serious flooding. Most of the population living in these areas are poor and cannot even afford food and shelter.


 There were the most dangerous wildfires of history in Australia earlier this year. Millions of people were forced to leave their homes and move to other places. People saw their houses burning. About more than 28 people were killed by these bush fires. There were huge property and human life loss. Billions of animals were killed a vast area of forest was on fire. Many species and ecosystems were destroyed. Some cannot even recover ever. We have lost precious wildlife and endangered species to this wildlife. People living far off was seriously affected by haze and smoke produced by bushfires. We can only imagine how badly our Earth was affected by these bushfires. This was only one incident. This is happening every year around the world. We lose wildlife which in return disturbs our ecosystem. 

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Climate Change Destroys Food:

Climate change not only affects our communities or health. It is also disrupting our food chain. Our agriculture is badly impacted by this hazardous phenomenon. We are facing severe droughts in many parts of the world. Our food quality has become so bad and less nutritious. That is why most of the population faces problems like zinc deficiency. If this continues we will even get short of freshwater. Because glaciers store most of our freshwater and they are melting. We need to make difficult decisions to save our planet as soon as possible.