Electric Plane – A New Revolution in Aero Technology

Electric Plane

The world is preparing itself for the electric vehicles future and lots of countries have prepared electric cars and electric bikes etc. Now, the surprising thing is that the EV technology is also bringing revolutions in the field of aero technology. Recently, Australia prepared a single-engine electric plane and its test flight is also taken successfully. The name of this electric plane is Pipistrel Alpha Electro and the most important thing about this aircraft is that it has the history of crafting innovations in the planes. Here, experts of dissertation editing services will discuss how these electric planes will bring innovations in aero technology.

An electric plane is a plane which is powered by the electric motors. There are different ways to supply the electricity in these electric planes like batteries, cables and solar cells etc. In the test flights, these electric planes get electricity from the electric motors. These batteries are connected by following a specific mechanism. First, these batteries have enough power to retain a significant charge. Secondly, these batteries are also connected with the ground-based supply. Thirdly, there are also some solar cells and these solar cells can convert sunlight into electricity. Thirdly, there are ultracapacitors and these ultracapacitors are connected for the supply of energy during the high bursts of high-power use. Fourthly, there are also microwaves in these electric planes. These microwaves are beamed from the ground-based supply.

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The batteries are also known as the most common energy carriers for these electric planes because they have relatively high capacity. We are not using these batteries in the electric planes for the first time because we are already using these batteries in some aircraft. In these electric planes, we are using Lithium-Ion batteries. These Lithium-Ion batteries can keep these electric planes in the air for at least one hour. Moreover, these batteries have extra power in reserve for 30 minutes. In its lifetime, a Lithium-Ion battery can provide the power of 1,000 hours flight to an electric plane. It means that with the help of a Lithium-Ion battery, an electric plane can make 1,000 flights.

To charge these batteries, there is a supercharger. This supercharger can fully charge a Lithium-Ion battery just within one hour. Nowadays, Pipistrel is working along with Electro Aero for bringing these electric planes in the Australian skies. According to the CEO of Electro Aero, with the combination and joint efforts of these two companies, it is expected that these electric planes will be available at the commercial levels. The propulsion of an electric engine is also simpler than the petrol engine. It means that there require fewer parts and cost to prepare an electric engine than a petrol engine. As we are using electricity for flying electric planes, therefore, the costs of electric flights will also be cheaper than other flights. It is expected that people will be able to make these flights at lower rates.

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Roland Berger has provided his estimations about the total numbers of electric aircraft in the world. According to him, there are almost 170 different types of electric aircraft are prepared in the world. Among these 170 electric aircraft, more than 50% are prepared after 2018. According to him, it is also estimated that in the future, these aircraft will be able to meet all the transportation needs of the people. The practical example of these kinds of projects is aircraft taxies. These aircraft taxies have brought innovations in the field of cars. It means that people can move from one place to another place just within minutes. Similarly, electric cars have also brought innovations in the field of vehicles.

In the future, there is a possibility that we will be able to explore this project of electric planes at the commercial levels. After establishing this project at the commercial level, we will see innovations in the field of aircraft. These electric planes will bring innovations in various ways. First, nowadays, the journey by plane is known as the most expensive journey. In the future, this journey will be cheap because people will be able to take a flight of one hour just within $3. Second, the planes are emitting lots of gasses because they are burning fuels. As a result, these planes are increasing air pollution. In the future, we will be able to solve this problem of electric planes because these electric planes will use electricity instead of petrol. Thirdly, aeroplanes are creating noise pollution. In the future. Electric planes will be as silent as an electric car. Therefore, we will also be able to solve the problem of air pollution.