WordPress Plugins to Create Attractive Web Pages

Attractive Web Pages

WordPress has managed to become the most popular open-source content management system in the world, all within a very short time. It is currently being used in more than 75 million websites, which makes it almost 28% of the entire web and is a whopping number. What makes WordPress so popular is its free-of-cost service, as well as the availability of thousands of plug-ins, both free and paid, which enhance usability and design. Webmasters can use WordPress to create engaging and attractive web pages and content they require for impressing their readers.

According to a dissertation writing service, the best thing about WordPress is that even in its basic form, it is very simple to learn and use. It is perhaps the most significant aspect that differentiates it from other content management systems because the majority of WordPress users are neither programmers nor web designers by trade. Despite this, they are running their successful businesses by creating attractive web pages.

WordPress can be used to enhance your visual content. You can ensure that your content font and size are just right; you can place and edit an image and make changes to the page whenever you want without any problem. The WordPress image editor is not only easy to use but very easy to master too, which means you can create a page you like, all by yourself, just the way you want.

WordPress Plugins For Creating Attractive Web Pages:

Creating visually attractive web pages is very important because along with engaging content, you also need to impress the readers with beautiful images. Luckily, WordPress offers thousands of plugins with countless applications, that enhance images, add visual effects and allow even an immature web designer to complete actions that otherwise require additional technical knowledge.

There are so many plugins available for WordPress users that sometimes it becomes tough to decide which one is the best and which should be used to achieve the desired effect. Regardless of the website you are running and its niche, you can get certain plugins that make it easy for you to manage things in the most time-effective manner. Read to know more about the best WordPress plugins you must have:

Yoast SEO:

It is by far the most popular tool in the WordPress landscape. It is easy to see why it tops the list of one of the must-have WordPress plugins. Not only it helps you improve the SEO, but it can even analyze the content’s readability. About 79% of users only scan through the posts and pages, so the more accessible your content is, the greater are your chances of attracting their attention.

You can optimize the WordPress posts and pages using keywords and meta descriptions. You can see how well your content is and make improvements easily with simple tips and ideas.  The good thing about this tool is that its basic version is free, and you can learn how to develop and create attractive web pages and as you master, you can go for the premium version with an additional feature for a price.


It is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that integrates with multiple cloud storage options to safeguard your backups.  Hacking is pretty common these days, and you do not want someone to use your design, content, and all the hard work as their own, which makes it necessary to have this plugin. Also, due to some failure, if WordPress stops working or shows an error, you could end up losing all the data, and a backup can save you a lot of stress and hard work again.

The best thing about UpdraftPlus is that you can automate your backups with a recurring schedule. You only have to create automatic or manual backups of your website, store your backups locally or on the cloud and restore your website to a previous state, in case something goes wrong. With its paid and free version, you can sleep easily, knowing no one can steal or destroy your efforts.


It is a very important plugin as it keeps the visitors engaged in the site by minimizing the page upload time. Images can take up more than 50% of the average webpage size, which means optimizing those images can make a big difference to the site’s page load times.

It is necessary to focus on this aspect because if the website takes more than three seconds to load, over half your visitors will abandon it. Optimizing WordPress images is a key component of improving your page load times. Optimole takes this task seriously by optimizing every image uploaded to WordPress so that it takes less space and opens up in lesser time.

Not only this, but it also makes use of a cloud-based system to speed up the site. Its features include auto-compressing the images, optimization of JPEG and PNG images, bulk optimizing old images, and resizing them to ensure the website is compatible with new pages and the visitors enjoy attractive web pages in the long run.

WP Rocket:

It is one of the must-have plugins for WordPress as it enables you to speed up the website loading time. It creates cached copies of each dynamically-generated page on the site so that the servers have to do less work. Quick loading time is critical for retaining visitors, and caching solutions work very well, even more than image optimization in certain cases.

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WP Rocket has proven to decrease page load times by a whopping 63% which is a great achievement for webmasters. It may not be free, but the results are more than worth it, especially if there are conversions on the line. It can cache a website’s dynamically generated pages that improve user-end browser caching and play a significant role in quick loading time for the visitors.

WordPress and its plugins are constantly evolving with updates and coming up with new features to help webmasters create appealing web pages to attract and retain visitors.  Getting these easy-to-use and highly effective plugins ensures you can look forward to enjoying your work and make your web pages even more efficient and informative.